Ian Forsyth Elementary

About the SAC

A School Advisory Council (SAC) is a group that advises the school principal about issues that are important for the school. According to the Nova Scotian Education policy, a SAC is required at each school. All SACs have a Letter of Agreement signed by the SAC, the Halifax Regional School Board, and the provincial Department of Education. The SAC meets a minimum of six times per year.

SACs work with the principal to oversee the implementation, review, and update of the Student Success Plan. When necessary, the SAC will also help the principal deal with discipline issues at the school. The goal of these activities is to ensure that students have a positive, safe, and effective learning environment.

In 1999, the Ian Forsyth School Advisory Council was formed. We strive for the following membership: two elected parents, two elected community people, two elected staff members and the principal.

Copies of minutes are kept in the office at IFES. You may review the minutes upon request.

You can contact the Chairperson of the Ian Forsyth SAC through Ms. Yerxa-Weeks or at: ifes@hrsb.ns.ca.


School Advisory Committee Members


Principal Angela Yerxa-Weeks
Vice Principal Carmel Mitchell
Parent (Chairperson) Deirdre Gracie


Krista Hetherington-Duffy

Rachelle Sparks

Staff Jill Dickson (Secretary)
Staff Kimberly Sparks
Community Member Connie Mitchell
Community Member  vacant
Community Member vacant